> Aprilaire 1852 Compact Ductable Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1852 Compact Ductable Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1852 Compact Ductable Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1852 Compact Ductable Dehumidifier


The newest addition to the the Aprilaire dehumidifier line-up, the model 1852 is the perfect solution for homes, crawlspaces and basements.  The 1852 provides a compelling combination of control and installation options, efficiency, quiet operation, and performance.  The unit comes equipped with 10" collars on the intake and exhaust, which affords simple connection to the homes air handling system.  Additionally - the 1852 offers options for fresh air ventilation, and zoned dehumidification - where the unit alternates between local area dehumidification, and whole house dehumidification.  This zoned dehumification and fresh air ventilation options are accomplished via optional motorized dampers and the unit's on-board control panel.

The 1852 is designed to dehumidify the air coming into the unit by passing the incoming air over an evaporator coil to drop the air temperature below the dew point of the air.  Moisture if removed from the air and drained out of the unit to a common floor or waste drain.  The air is then reheated in the condenser coil and exits the unit.  Dehumidification occurs until the setpoint is reached, then shuts off until periodic sampling determines the need for operation.


  • Main Return to Main Return (Recommended) - air is pulled from the return duct, dehumidified, and returned to the return duct
  • Dedicated Return to Main Supply or Dedicated Return to A/C Return - air is pulled through a dedicated return grille, dehumidified, and returned to the supply plenum or return
  • Dedicated A/C Return to A/C Return - for homes without duct work - dries a specific area that has a moisture issue
  • Main Return to Main Supply - air is pulled from the return duct, dehumidified, and returned to the supply plenum
  • Unducted - Freestanding -  air is pulled into the dehumidifier directly from the space, dehumidified, and return back to the space; this application is used in basements, crawlspaces, etc


  • Use on-board digital control on unit
  • Configure to use model 76 control externally - the model 76 is mounted in the space that is to be dehumidified, and humidity is sensed at the control - perfect for whole house applications
  • Configure to use model 76 remotely - the model 76 is mounted in the living space, but humidity is sensed at the dehumidifier - perfect for sealed crawlspaces and attics
  • Configure to use thermostat with dehumification terminals - humidity is sensed at the thermostat

- 95 Pints Per Day @ AHAM
Airflow - 265 CFM @ .0" w.c. / 230 CFM @ .2" w.c. / 200 CFM @ .4" w.c.
Power - 120VAC, 60 Hz, 8 Amps
Dimensions - 12.5" W X 14.5" H X 27.5" D (36.5" Total Depth with Collars)
Air Discharge - Configurable to top or end
Air Filter - Washable - MERV 8 (filter dimensions - 10" X 12" X 3/4")
Duct Size - 10" Round
Weight - 75 lbs
Refrigerant - R410-A
Control - On-Board Digital Dehumidistat - can also be controlled remotely using #76 control, Aprilaire thermostats models 8910, 8620 or other third-party external controls, such as thermostats with dehumidifier outputs
Control Range - 40% - 80% RH
Low Limit - 40 Degree Dewpoint
Hight Limit - 90 Degree Dry Bulb
Sound - 54 dBA ducted
Discharge Air Temperature Rise - 10-30 degrees F
Power Cord Length - 8'
Drain Connection - 3/4" PVC
Warranty - 5 Year Parts & Labor

***Note: Our shipping arrangement for the Aprilaire includes palletizing and shipping via an LTL freight carrier. There is a very high risk of damage when the unit is shipped via a small package carrier such as UPS. This shipping offer includes "to the curb" delivery. Freight carrier will call to set up a delivery window and someone must be present to sign for the delivery. Price:


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